How Much Does the Average Dive Trip Cost?

Thousands of people go on diving vacations each year to explore a variety of beautiful dive centers around the world. Vietnam is often overlooked for its diving opportunities, but you can find many incredible dive sites for a great price. The cost of a dive trip depends on the location and the operator. A dive typically refers to a guided dive with one tank, without rental equipment, but including transportation and marine park fees.

The average price of a dive with two tanks is around 50 USD. If you want to become an open water diver, you'll need to take the open water course, which is divided into three components: academic, training in confined water (pools), and training in open water. The diving school will provide you with the necessary equipment, although some divers prefer to buy their own. Before going on any diving trip or vacation, it's essential that you get insurance that covers you in case anything goes wrong. The more exotic the destination and the harder it is to get there, the more expensive it will be.

Imagine returning to the hotel after diving by boat, relaxing by the pool, and enjoying all-inclusive cocktails and snacks. Some people stop after a few dives, so it doesn't make sense to make a big monetary investment right away. Dive for a while and see what you think about this sport and how much you'll actually dive. Some dive centers use training as a loss-reduction measure to get people to do business with their stores, hoping to offset the losses by selling equipment or other additional sales later on. You can make a living in Thailand as a diver, plus they have some of the most impressive dive sites. Take a look at my recommendations for the best diving fins, the dive computer and why I recommend the Aqualung Axiom BCD.

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